News letter – June 2018

Praise the Lord! The Algerian government has allowed 3 closed churches to reopen!  Pray other churches and the Oran print shop will also reopen.  Praise God for the 30 leaders we worked with in Tunisia. Pray their plans to develop leaders will bear much fruit.  Pray for Moussa, his wife Christine, and their 3 little

It’s music to our ears

“Music in North Africa is one main art form that expresses the life and the stories and the culture. North Africa being an oral communication society, we identify, teach, and pass on traditions through songs. Hymns like the ones we hear emanate from the heart, awak-en the soul, and give hope and joy to the

Mauritanian believers encouraged

This month we heard from a team of three men in our follow-up network in Mauritania. Traveling from the Sahara to the seaside, they located fellow believers, ministered to them, and encouraged them to stand up for their faith.  Wedged between Western Sahara and Mali, Algeria and Guinea, Mauritania is a country marked by “high persecution”

When printing isn’t possible

What happens when printing Christian study materials—such as our DDK discipleship curriculum—abruptly stops?  We just learned that the Bible Societies bookstore/print shop in Algiers, Algeria, was closed down by the local authorities. Another print shop run by the church in Oran was closed a couple months ago. One of our partners is still able to


Praise the Lord for safe and fruitful meetings during Ramadan in Egypt with two Christian leaders who plan to use DDK materials for discipleship. June: 40 leaders will meet in Tunisia with for DDK leadership training. Pray for wisdom in planning, and a smooth path for all to attend.  Financial needs:$25,000 for June DDK conference.Moussa

Fishers of men use strong net(work)s

“Churches are growing across North Africa—both in numbers and in spiritual maturity. These are people with a vision for outreach. The most explosive growth is in the Kabylie regions, where believers want to reach out to the Arab-speaking population where there is less Christian activity, less boldness, and more persecution.” – Ali Arhab, CEO of


Special Praise: Slimane Bouhafs was released from prison April 1, after serving only 18 months of a 5-year sentence for allegedly insulting Islam on social media. Praise the Lord that one Algerian pastor was fined rather than imprisoned. Pray for 2 Christian leaders experiencing intimidation and the closure of their churches by the government.  May: