It’s music to our ears

“Music in North Africa is one main art form that expresses the life and the stories and the culture. North Africa being an oral communication society, we identify, teach, and pass on traditions through songs. Hymns like the ones we hear emanate from the heart, awak-en the soul, and give hope and joy to the weary. The words of the Lord Jesus with a local North African melody makes Jesus and the gospel close to the culture and to people’s hearts.” – Ali Arhab, CEO of CNA 

During May a group of Kabyle and Arab Christians gathered amid microphones and bright lights in a studio in Fort National, Algeria, to record two music videos that will be aired on CNA in August. Lead singers Massi and Malika headed a band of instrumentalists and back-up vocalists delivering a uniquely North African sound. 

These musicians have all created their own CDs while also serving in their respective churches. Arezki was on hand to oversee the taping at a studio owned by Djamel, one of the leaders of our DDK network. “The purpose of this music,” Arezki said, “is to encourage both Christian and non-Christian viewers to discover Christian worship songs.” 

In the US, Christians often take for granted their easy access to Christian music in their own language and style. But for North African believers, hearing their own music conveying the truth of Christ brings deep joy and excitement. These are the songs believers will hum and sing to them-selves or in their churches. 

And for a non-believer who tunes into CNA by “divine accident,” the beautiful music can hold their attention long enough for the words to reach their hearts. 

Our goal is to produce 12 video clips altogether with these talented musicians. Two videos were filmed, and four more are scheduled. 

Now we pray the Lord will provide the funding to finish the second half of the task. 

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