Our story.

SENA began in the heart of one man in Algeria…

…a man of the Imazighen—the “Berber” people whose Tamazight languages echoed across North Africa from Morocco to Libya centuries before Arabic was spoken there. 

By the time this Algerian man found new life and hope in Jesus Christ, he had learned the hard way that North African society did not welcome his peoples’ indigenous languages. Not in prayer at the mosque, not in classrooms, not in written or broadcast news.

Yet each time he shared the gospel one-on-one or screened the Tamazight-dubbed Jesus Film before large groups, he watched the good news change the hearts hearing it in their own language. From that point on, he resolved to bring God’s truth to people in the languages in which they lived and dreamed.

He never lost his resolve, even when civil war and Islamic persecution drove him from his home. It was then, equipped with advanced theological and missions training, he gradually built up a team of people uniquely gifted to help him realize his dream.

What began in the year 2000 as Channel North Africa (CNA) with a few hours of interviews filmed on street corners, has grown into SENA, which includes a stand-alone 24/7 satellite television channel, in-depth Bible teaching, worship music by North African artists, topics in Christian living, personal testimonies, and much, much more. 

But what about the intense challenges facing the hundreds of viewers who come to Christ through these broadcasts each year? From its inception, SENA has made personal follow-up and discipleship a top priority. That’s why the ministry has built up a network of trained believers on the ground in North Africa to meet with inquirers, connect new believers with churches, and provide local church-based biblical training for a new generation of leaders.

SENA. Once the dream of a single man from a tiny town in Algeria, it now speaks the Truth in the languages of millions of thirsty hearts.

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