Joint meetings unite CNA’s French and US boards

In spite of transportation strikes and unseasonable rainstorms, 4 members of our France board of directors and 6 members of our US board met at CNA headquarters to increase unity across their varied functions.

The French board presented their refined vision and missionstatements for the organization, as well as valuable insights into ministry to North Africans.

The American board took home a greater understanding of the challenges faced by those we serve: North African Christians and churches, living both in their homelands and asexpatriates.

With an opportunity to see our building and review our plans for remodeling, the US board glimpsed what we envision developing in three phases: our own on-site studio to trim production time and expenses,a multi-use conference space for training visiting North African leaders as well as hosting local church services, and additional offices for our follow-up work and related research.

This is an exciting time to be poised to maximize the potential of the building the Lord gave us three years ago.

As our North African brothers and sisters beg for more broadcasts to help them learn to follow Jesus, we stand on the brink of being able to answer their cries for help.

“I believe there are more Christians than we know [in North Africa] who do not dare speak up.” -CNA board member after ministering in Algeria 

As one of our board members who frequently ministers in North Africa pointed out, CNA’s satellite broadcastsare reaching people no one else can—among them women, who are often confined to the home and have fewer opportunities to meet with believers.

By providing organizational leadership and building bridges to potential supporters, our boards will work together to strengthenthis ministry moving into the future.

May the Lord guide and bless our efforts to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ in people’s heart languages, connect them with local church families, and equip them to grow as disciples.