Fishers of men use strong net(work)s

“Churches are growing across North Africa—both in numbers and in spiritual maturity. These are people with a vision for outreach. The most explosive growth is in the Kabylie regions, where believers want to reach out to the Arab-speaking population where there is less Christian activity, less boldness, and more persecution.” – Ali Arhab, CEO of CNA 


This generation of bold believers—in Kabylie and beyond—show the same fervor to reach their unsaved neighbors for Christ that the Bible describes in the early Church. As the Lord adds to their numbers daily, these young pastors and other leaders seek our help to coordinate their outreach and discipleship efforts.

For that reason, we have been working with them to organize churches into networks serving distinct regions where they can take responsibility for following up with new believers. 

This month, we invited some of our supporters to visit our church networks in Morocco and see firsthand how those networks connect new Christians with local church families. This is truly ground-breaking work. And we’re seeing it take root to varying degrees across North Africa. 

Within these networks, grow-ing numbers of believers are using our DDK discipleship materials and seeking lead-ership training through the Antioch School associated with BILD. Translation of all those materials into Arabic and Kabyle continues to progress under Scott’s leadership. 

Keep the North African church leaders in your prayers as they learn to shepherd their flocks and keep serving the Lord as His “fishers of men.”