November-December 2019 newsletter

What Eyes Have Not Seen, Nor Ears Heard

Does word of Algerian church closures cause you to wonder what God is up to? Then you may find news from our team member Mouloud encouraging. He says, “In the midst of the closure of churches, people are turning to the Lord in prayer. Christians are more dedicated to interceding, and the Christian community has fueled seekers with more desire for Jesus in their lives and their families. If so many are on their knees, it must be because the Holy Spirit is going to do something that eyes have never seen and ears have never heard.”
At the same time, our evangelistic efforts through our social media channels are taking off. In early November alone, we reached 41,380 people, and received 141 inquiries.
Imagine the multiplied impact of resuming satellite broadcasts soon!
Now to feed the growing hunger for the gospel, we have produced the first episodes of a new show, Food for the Body and the Soul. It blends the joy of cooking with rich spiritual nourishment to engage North Africans on a whole new level. Please pray for partners to share our excitement about this new means of feeding souls!

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