Changing our Name to Match our Expanded Ministry

Our name is changing. Instead of CNA, we will now be known as SENA: Serving and Equipping North Africans.

Why is the name change? The necessity becomes clear from our ministry story.

  • Originally, North Africa needed an effective means of gospel access. So we established a satellite TV channel for North Africa. We became Channel North Africa.
  • Immediately, the number of responses from seekers and new believers exploded! So we rapidly expanded our follow-up efforts to address all those spiritual questions.
  • New believers then needed discipleship, so we began offering church-based discipleship in the apostles’ core teachings (the didache, which we call “DDK”), translated into the languages of the peoples we serve.
  • Meanwhile, keeping up with the number of people seeking Christian contact—without overlooking anyone or duplicating efforts—required teamwork. So we organized a network of North African churches to coordinate follow-up and discipleship activities across the entire region.
  • The rapidly growing churches needed leaders grounded in Scripture, prepared for persecution, and trained to reproduce. So we began providing advanced leadership degrees via Antioch School cohorts. These students never have to abandon their churches for seminary; they are educated in place, seamlessly training the next generation of believers and leaders right where they currently serve.
  • For the North Africans who live in or travel to our region of France, we are making plans to meet their desperate need for a place of worship and discipleship training in a designated space within our own headquarters.

Can you see what the Lord has done? He has grown us from a small satellite TV channel into a multi-faceted ministry to build up North African believers into equipped Christians capable of leading ministry in their own contexts.

In all the ways described above, we are Serving and Equipping North Africans. It’s time our name caught up with us.

What You Can Expect

 As we move forward, by the grace of God, here’s what you can expect to see. Our broadcasts will still bear the CNA logo. Our website and social media will transition to reflect our new name, logo, and branding. Our newsletters will now come from SENA instead of CNA. But one thing will never change: our continued passion to reach, support, and equip those whom God is calling to Himself from among the North African peoples of every tribe and tongue.

As always, we still labor to make sure:

  • the gospel is proclaimed effectively across North Africa
  • each person who contacts us is led to Christ
  • new believers get connected with solid local churches where they can grow in Him
  • leaders are raised up from within those churches and equipped to serve the Lord boldly in the hostile settings in which they live

We look forward to many more years of serving the Lord by “Serving and Equipping North Africans.” And we welcome your partnership with us on this exciting adventure.