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You are on the official website of SENA (cultural association Serve, Equip North Africans) (association law 1905 registered under number W595007614). The vocation of CNA, SENA’s dissemination site, is to provide reference information on the association’s activity.

Association Officers:

président : Mekki DRIHEM
vice-président : Karim MESTAR.
treasurer : Michel THEBAUD
secretary : Nadine KHOUANE
Administrator : Ourida MEZIANE
Administrator : Gérald WALLE


Association Headquarters:
14 rue de Bruxelles, 34200 Sète
Téléphone : XXX

Communication Director and Editorial Manager of the SENA portal site
Karim MESTAR, 06 15 59 78 72,

Technical Manager :
HAMADOUCHE L’Arbi, 06 51 96 59 63,

Web hosting:

HostPapa, Inc.
2430 Military Road #1013
Niagara Falls, NY
United States


Automated processing of personal information:

The following terms of use constitute a contractual agreement between you and SENA. By connecting to this site and using it, you acknowledge having read the following conditions of use and accept them without reservation.

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