November-December 2019 newsletter

What Eyes Have Not Seen, Nor Ears Heard

Does word of Algerian church closures cause you to wonder what God is up to? Then you may find news from our team member Mouloud encouraging. He says, “In the midst of the closure of churches, people are turning to the Lord in prayer. Christians are more dedicated to interceding, and the Christian community has fueled seekers with more desire for Jesus in their lives and their families. If so many are on their knees, it must be because the Holy Spirit is going to do something that eyes have never seen and ears have never heard.”
At the same time, our evangelistic efforts through our social media channels are taking off. In early November alone, we reached 41,380 people, and received 141 inquiries.
Imagine the multiplied impact of resuming satellite broadcasts soon!
Now to feed the growing hunger for the gospel, we have produced the first episodes of a new show, Food for the Body and the Soul. It blends the joy of cooking with rich spiritual nourishment to engage North Africans on a whole new level. Please pray for partners to share our excitement about this new means of feeding souls!

Filming photo
Ali and Chef Francois film the pilot episode of Food for the Body and Soul.

DDK Developments

We have finished the French and Arabic translations of an exciting teaching tool called The Story. This Bible study focuses attention on the unfolding plan of God as taught by Jesus in Luke 24 to Cleopas and his friend on the road to Emmaus and to the Apostles. We too need to understand this story well in order to accurately understand the Scriptures. To understand it we need to examine how the Apostles used the Old Testament to preach the Gospel and to teach the churches.
In other news, our trained and experienced translator, Driss, has returned to join our Competency Cohort. Now he and Berti, who are both on the ground in North Africa, can advance our Arabic translation efforts even further.
In this time when church buildings in Algeria are being closed, DDK First Principles Bible studies will greatly help the churches to provide teaching according to “the way of Christ and his Apostles”. What a powerful means to learn to do church without buildings! Meeting in smaller groups and practicing Acts 2:42 – devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to true fellowship, to the Lord’s supper, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer – they will be strengthened to maturity. Such churches will multiply just as they did in the First Century.

Testimony from a young believer: “I could not believe my fellow North Africans had such a love language. But that is the tool by which Jesus conquered our hearts and lives.”

Prayer Points:

  • Praise the Lord that our satellite broadcasting will resume once promised funding arrives!
  • Pray that the 41,380 individuals reached by our social media and the 141 inbound messages will result in face-to-face meetings and conversions to Christ.
  • Praise the Lord for Karim Mestar, long-time ministry partner, who will serve temporarily as our COO/CFO.
  • Pray for Algerian elections set for December 12 amid ongoing protests.

Spring 2019 newsletter

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Dramatic Changes, Unprecedented Opportunities

We hear Syria is struggling to implement a workable ceasefire. Could it be a new day is dawning for the people of the ancient Levant? Yet even should a ceasefire come to pass there, tensions rise elsewhere, as Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming the next bastion of Islamic fighters.

North Africa Keeps Changing

Libya is navigating through the tensions of its ethnic & ideological factions, making it hard to predict any possibility of unity and a way forward to democracy in the nation.

Tunisia is the only country in the region that has successfully laid foundations for its freedom and democracy, but those plans are still in their inception. As that nation hopes to recover a healthy economy, her people are still experiencing hardship and unemployment.

Morocco, however, is paving the way for political change, allowing more freedom of speech. The constitution of 2011 guarantees freedom of worship, yet in practice Christians and churches are being persecuted.

In spite of all the challenges, the Lord continues to move in spectacular ways among North Africans. In Algeria, the Joshua Project estimates the annual growth rate of Christianity is 8.1 %, when the global growth rate is only 2.6%.

This region’s staggering demographic changes create unprecedented opportunities for the gospel to be preached:

  • These mutations of the North African population will require new socio-economic models. The stage is set for an intense religious clash. The Muslim majority will still push for reform in favor of Islam, while other minorities and the army would likely favor a transition to democracy.
  • The recent announcement of the ailing Algerian president Bouteflika’s plan to run for a fifth term has sparked unheard-of antagonistic marches across the country.

Whether it’s transition to new leadership or significant growth in a religious minority, such changes create a climate of uncertainty, in which people seek the hope and peace to be found in Christ alone.

In the midst of these uncertainties, CNA continues to sow the word through Internet streaming and social media. And our follow-up teams on the ground nurture the seeds we have planted online.

Praise God we can keep reaching these needy souls!

Testimony of a New Brother in Christ

“My name is Lamara. I am 50 years old. I have a Muslim background; I practiced Islam as all Muslims do, but I had never felt that God loved me.
“All the time I worked, because life had taught me if you want to be happy you must be rich. So I worked all the time and at last I became rich. I had achieved what I wanted, but I was always nervous, tired, and unhappy.
“I had a Christian friend who told me about Jesus many times, but I was never interested.
“Once while watching TV I was surprised by the CNA channel, because I had never heard about a God who spoke my own language. So I loved it and I invited my wife and my child to follow it.
“God touched me while I was looking the program. Today I am a believer, along with my family. We have now opened our home as a church for the glory of God.
“I thank God for CNA because it has been a blessing for us and for many people.”

Prayer Points:

  • Pray the Lord will raise up 5 more churches to pledge $10K a year to restore our satellite broadcasts.
  • Praise the Lord for continuing His work through CNA even while our satellite signal is silent.
  • Pray for boldness and protection for our follow-up teammates in North Africa.
  • Praise the Lord for bringing more North African people into His kingdom!
  • Pray for Algeria’s April 18 elections.

Photo Captions:
{Aerial view of demonstrations} – Demonstrators protest Algerian president Bouteflika’s bid for a 5th term.

{Baptism in pool} – A city house church held this baptism service at a pool in Sfax, Tunisia.
{3 men} – These Algerian men recognized Ali from CNA and couldn’t wait to share with him what the Lord has done in their lives since they came to faith.
{Man with baby} – This man and his father may be the only Christians in their very Muslim town.
{Man on right speaking to small group} – Follow-up teammate Mouloud explained the gospel to this mother who had never come to church with her children before. Now all believe!