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Satellite TV overcomes barriers to the Gospel

Our fellow Christians in North Africa are facing enormous obstacles to sharing the gospel with their neighbors. Yet the hunger for the gospel and for Christian discipleship continue to grow. 

For this reason, CNA is ramping up our production of Christian programing. We exist to supply our brothers and sisters across North Africa with ongoing biblical teaching and to be the bearer of good news for those who are seeking the Savior. 


To support the growing number of churches discipling new believers and nurturing leaders, we are currently developing a 9-part series of 30-minute programs teaching our First Principles lessons in discipleship. This is part of the DDK training system we’ve been introducing to church groups across North Africa. Our programs will help new leaders quickly grasp and implement the church-based instructional paradigm of the DDK curriculum. 


To reduce the cost and complexity of producing the programming needed by North Africans, we are making plans to remodel one portion of our building to create a production studio. This multi-purpose facility could offer space for a local church or other groups to meet, without diminishing our current office and training spaces. 


As our brothers and sisters in North Africa cry out for our help, CNA will prayerfully take the opportunities before us to meet their needs. 

Watch for ways you can help us serve our persecuted family. Meanwhile, will you pray about how God would like you to be Involved?