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Persecution escalates in Algeria

“The Algerian government has found that there are alarming numbers of believers and a stunning growth of the church… It has become clear now that the Algerian intelligence is resolved to take seriously what they call “a serious threat.” – Ali Arhab, CEO of CNA

Beginning in November of 2017, most churches registered with the Protestant Church in Algeria were visited by a committee of officials representing Religious Affairs Ministry, Intelligence Department, the fire brigade, and national police Gendarmerie. 

Though the committee’s declared aim was to check churches’ compliance with safety regulations, the visits have resulted in a growing number of unwarranted church closures and in orders to limit church activity. 

In other actions, two Bible schools and one Christian-owned bookstore near Oran were shut down. Three believers in a café were picked up by police and falsely accused of tempting Muslims to convert by offering money and travel rewards. A pastor in Tiaret was arrested and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for proselytizing. 

The Christian community in Algeria, however, is not in panic, nor are they scared. Most of them indicated that they will face whatever comes their way. 

At CNA, we are resolved to stand with them, doing all we can to provide support through prayer, programing, and sound biblical training.